About American Steam

Since 1969, American Steam, Incorporated has built a reputation as a worldwide steam and hot water solutions provider.  American Steam, Inc. is a Texas-based engineering firm specializing in boiler sales and service. We have focused worldwide on working with leaders, companies, and municipalities to solve heat transfer challenges in steam and hot water by incorporating intelligent sustainable solutions to keep the flame burning for our customer. American Steam, Inc. is a premier engineering firm with expertise in many types of steam including: utility steam, saturated steam, unsaturated steam or superheated steam, super critical fluids, and hot water.

American Steam, Inc. has experience in solving a wide array of complex heat transfer issues and forming solutions such as:

  • Sizing boilers to meet the needs of the customer
  • Upgrading to the latest technologies
  • Repairing and Reconditioning boilers
  • Modifying boilers to increase efficiency
  • Maintaining boilers and heat transfer equipment

Going Green? American Steam, Inc. has the environmental friendly solution for you!

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American Steam, Inc. is a full-service Professional Engineering Firm, an ASME code shop, and a heating contracting company. Through serving customers worldwide we have designed, analyzed, manufactured, and maintained boilers and thermal heat transfer mechanical systems for over 50 years. American Steam, Inc. has serviced industries around the world and maintains a strong presence in the continental United States, Mexico, and South America. We have also maintained process steam and hot water systems used in manufacturing facilities in the Hawaiian Islands since 1970.

American Steam, Inc. offers a range of thermal heat transfer products including boilers, economizers, thermal fluid heaters, heat exchangers, direct contact water heaters, incinerators, thermal oxidizers, industrial cookers, kilns, industrial dryers, industrial ovens, and burners. In addition, American Steam, Inc. offers combustion tuning and code welding, as well as complete installation, maintenance and repair of boilers, ancillary equipment, deaerators, blowdowns, flash tanks, refractory, water filtration systems, pumps, burners and burner control systems, and a wide range of steam and hydronic control products. 


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